About Delouya Group

Delouya center building is a development planning and implementation of industrial enterprises specializing in the construction of public buildings and residences. The winning combination of skilled human capital and qualified and innovative construction technologies and advanced transform any construction or design specification paper to reality exceeding all imagination.

Delouya center building owned by Joseph and Michelle Delouya founded in 1978 and is ranked as one of the leading companies in the building sector in Israel and in providing comprehensive solutions, from design and construction through civil engineering industries to maintain and complete the projects.

The company has a special corporate culture, a culture which was acquired during the years of operation by any one of a large part of the company and its senior employees. Making organizer creativity and teamwork puts the company in a special position which makes it the leading company in its field.

Delouya is a registered contractor Civil engineering works in the classification of contractors C-5 and has ISO 9002 certification in the construction industry, the company specializes in reservoirs branch 193. The company employs approximately – 200 permanent employees, including engineers, architects and project managers are leaders in their field. The company owns several subsidiaries comprising divisions producing professional backing, accessible and high-quality logistics.

Delouya Wood Industries plant

Delouya aluminum factory

D.design Delouya showrooms and sales

Doorel & Delouya – enterprise systems and entry doors Luxury

Delouya Centre – distribution and sales center

"These subsidiary companies working in perfect synergy and allow the company Dloih provide a wide range of services under one roof."

Delouya plant tree Industries markets its products to the business sector, institutional and produces according to unique specifications for private clients. The plant is in the forefront of technology with the best equipment available to perform complex woodwork. The factory produces furniture, cabinets, conference rooms, service counters, bedrooms, wooden paneling, and more .. Delouya aluminum industry is a factory specializing in the construction of curtain walls, glass partitions, doors and windows. Engineers, architects and designers of Dloih plan and create stunning designs and finishing with ran one of the highest quality in the country.

Delouya company established the site for home design – Delouya D.design Showrooms and sales spectacular showing to the constructive and Hmsftz a wide range of quality and luxury Starting from the design to the finals include: kitchens from Delouya Kitchens, doors are designed for home and office from Doorel & Delouya, lighting, heating, aluminum from Extal, bedrooms and children's rooms, bathroom cabinets and all the furniture matched and personal design. D.design provides solutions for home design also complementary products. Entry systems made Doorel & Delouya are developed innovative and advanced technology in producing interior and exterior entrance. Patented manufacturing technology is grounded registered in Israel and abroad and is unique in that it allows the level of accuracy. Dorel's doors are manufactured blue and white, and are installed in the country and around the world. Entry systems that meet the needs even special sizes of openings with non-standard dimensions and all while maintaining strength and confidence from. The doors are manufactured strictly aluminum core glass choice of wood or aluminum laminate. All components of the doors are designed in a modular way that's optimized for all engineering specification, effective and accurate assembly.

Delouya center building a credible reputation and a loyal clientele who expressed his satisfaction with the preparation for the gospel-profile endorsements attesting to making high-quality construction and dedicated service at a high level. The company's clients include: Intel, the Ministry of Defense, bromine plants, Gm"g, natural plants, Soroka Medical Center, craters, and Yishai Israel, Ben Gurion University, Haifa Chemicals, Sami Shamoon Academic College, factories genre, Rotem Amfert, Agan chemicals, Daewoo international, Aidisi, ide, looking dry and more … Dloih outstanding special combination of financial strength with cognitive flexibility and boldness.

The company keeps up and professionalize all advanced construction technologies and new building styles side by side using the best quality building materials. When looking for a creative format for project management in the field of planning, financing or execution Dloih center building is the address. Dloih's vision developed at the outset and defined by all employees and managers working together, a vision made an outstanding company and its customers to partners who enjoy rights-intensive construction experience unique.

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Adress: Hapohalim 10, Sarah Beersheba Valley

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